John F. Kennedy once said in a quote that the Chinese character for ‘crisis’ is a combination of the words danger and opportunity. While Manila was under strict quarantine for 78 days, it presented challenges for most of the working class. But it also gave rise to a new breed of entrepreneurs; resourceful Filipinos who made use of their time a home to improve themselves or even learn a new skill. Here in Insurance Manila PH, we’ve listed down our favorite quarantrepreneurs during the lockdown.

• The Home Cook. You’ve always wanted to join Master Chef but your day job served as a big roadblock. Now with all the time you had, you learned new recipes on YouTube or even found ways to improve your generation-old family recipe which was passed on to you. Because of delivery services like Grab and Lalamove, your dream for people to try your cooking has become a reality.

• The Dough-getter. You enjoy baking. It’s your gift – figuratively and literally. As in your friends already know what they’re getting for Christmas. Just kidding. Fortunately, years of practice have honed your skill and the quarantine gave you the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into a budding enterprise. Who knows? You just might be the next Mary Grace.

• The Content Creator. Businesses have seen the power of social media due to the ECQ. More than ever, people have relied on the online presence of businesses to provide information on products and services. Even small businesses now will need to beef up their pages on this platform. If you’re social media savvy and you have a knack for copywriting or graphic design, businesses are looking for you.

• The Online Seller. Even before teachers and trainers entered the cyber scene, online sellers have already been making their mark on the web. Does anybody else remember Multiply? Because shopping malls were closed during the quarantine, the online seller was able to rake it in during this period. Quick to evolve and listen to the needs of the market, they started offering masks with various designs.

• The Green Thumb. Perhaps brought about by the initial fear of a possible food shortage (not to mention boredom), the plantitos and plantitas of Manila started planting edible and decorative flora in pots and in their backyard. Their friends took notice and asked if these plants were for sale. The price of some plants starts at a few hundred to thousands of pesos each.

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