Financial experts all agree that investing a fixed amount regularly is the best way to grow your wealth. Did you know that if you started investing at age 20, you can have Php10 million by the time you reach age 65 just by setting aside Php1895 every month? As you grow older, you’ll need to set aside more money for you to reach that same amount. How much more you ask?

To have Php10 million by age 65, you will have to invest the following amounts:

Age 20 ➡️ Php1895/month
Age 30 ➡️ Php4359/month
Age 40 ➡️ Php10,514/month
Age 50 ➡️ Php28,898/month
Age 60 ➡️ Php136,097/month
* Based on an 8% rate of return

If you haven’t started investing yet, just remember that the longer you wait, the harder (and more expensive) it gets.

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