The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) estimates that 2 million Filipino women ages 15 to 49 years old are expected to get pregnant this year as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns. The increased downtime has resulted in increased intimacy among couples, resulting in unplanned pregnancies. That is a lot of babies coming up considering that we are 2nd in Southeast Asia with the most cases of teenage pregnancies and the lockdowns highlighted the problem of access to family planning services.

With the economy slowly opening up, funding for pre-natal check-ups are an immediate need that could slowly be addressed. However, there are several other needs that has to be prepared for in order to provide for your little bundle of joy. Here are the things you need to fund if you are having a quarantine baby.

As daunting as it is to fund for your baby’s needs, funding the essentials would save you a lot of time and money when done properly. While monthly celebrations with a cake that your baby can’t eat anyway is a luxury and a milestone worth celebrating, there are other meaningful ways you can maximize your money that will ensure that your baby would be in good hands.

1. Delivery Fund

Pre-natal checks could determine the way your baby could be delivered, but always prepare for the worst as complications are a possibility and being short on funds on such short notice could be a big problem in the long run. Always prepare with a budget for the C Section rather than normal delivery.

2. Baby Essentials

Babies are fragile and their essentials go from nursery items to food and bath, the list goes on and on. But these essentials are necessary not only to provide care for your baby, but also to nourish and protect them from the bad elements surrounding your environment, especially during this pandemic.

3. Health Fund

Vaccines and pediatric check-ups are certainly going to be frequent for your baby, but the wife needs to be checked too as she might feel post partum depression and other related ailments.

4. Education Fund

As young as your baby is, leverage on the time you have to fund for education expenses. Basic education can be subsidized by the government, but college funding is not cheap and will require an arm and leg just to get your child finish school. Time is a great ally as you can allot a small amount overtime with compounding interest working on your favor. Don’t delay this one as you only get a small window to make this one work.

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